Overall Site Updates

September Achievements

  • Commencement of Sheetpiles
  • Continued excavation
  • Commencement of Tie-Backs

Activities in the Month of October 

  • Three Piling rigs will drive sheet piles, creating the outline of the development
  • Excavation and hauling of soil will continue
  • Tie-back drilling and grouting

Activities in the Month of November

  • Continue soil excavation
  • Complete Sheet pile installation
  • Start augur pile installation for the foundations

Navy GAF (General Administration Facility) Updates

September Achievements

  • Continued dewatering (average flow is 19,490 gallons per hour)
  • Continued excavation (total of 36,000 cy exported as of September 28)
  • Completion of Tie-Backs
  • Steel, Precast and Curtain Wall material released for procurement.

Activities in the Month of October 

  • Plywood substrate for waterproofing at PCH sheet pile walls 
  • Excavation and hauling of soil will continue currently at -10′
  • Dewatering will continue additional interior and exterior wells being installed
  • H piles to be installed at PCH for concrete trucks and assist crane
  • Turner Trailer to be installed at Harbor Drive

Plans for November

  • Test Piles (Auger Cast), total of 982 permanent ACP to be installed
  • Nearing excavation completion currently anticipated for December 4, 2018

Manchester Pacific Gateway Groundbreaking

On June 1, Manchester Financial Group celebrated the groundbreaking of Manchester Pacific Gateway, nearly 12 years since the project’s inception. The $1.5 billion development will transform eight city blocks on the San Diego waterfront, and will include class A office space, iconic hotels, lifestyle and luxury retail shopping, exquisite dining, plaza and cultural space, entertainment and public parking. Many prominent civic leaders were in attendance for this momentous occasion, including San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who said of the project: “This is going to change San Diego for the better in so many ways. It is going to shape our waterfront, it is going to be an economic driver, and of course it is going to be the heart of our United States Navy, which we are so proud of as San Diegans.” Manchester Pacific Gateway will be constructed in one phase, and is scheduled for completion in 2021. 

For more information on the groundbreaking and Manchester Pacific Gateway, please visit CBS8, KUSI, SD Metro and Times of San Diego.


  • Block 1A (Open space and waterfront plaza): 2022
  • Block 1B (Boutique Hotel, Office and Retail): 2021
  • Block 2A/B (Convention Hotel and Retail): 2021
  • Block 3A (Office and Retail): 2020
  • Block 3B (Navy General Administration Building): 2020
  • Block 4A/B (Office and Retail): 2021


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